Age : 24
Country : France
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Height : 1.60 m. (5.25 ft.)
Measurements : 83B / 57 / 88 (32B / 22 / 34 ins.)
Hair color : Brown
Eye colour : Chestnuts

Ilona, the feline

Egeria of French eroticism, Ilona attracts both photographers and fans.

Ilona is a player, aware of her natural and provocative charm. She moves and walks like a cat.

But she also knows how to be delicious and give you tasty moments through long discussions. At the risk of succumbing inevitably to his powerful charms.

Attentive during sessions, she always has the attention to detail. Ilona is a perfectionist. She gives you the best of herself. With this quality and professionalism that have raised him to the top of eroticism.

Enjoy Ilona today! She went to the other side of the camera for our greatest happiness. She is as good at capturing the photographic moment as for posing.

Our « rendez-vous » are always a real pleasure, she never stops telling anecdotes. And of course she attracts me to a Lebanese restaurant.

French Kiss Erotica Girl Ilona

AKA : Amandaine de Paris, Amandine A, Amandine C, Amandine Chase, Amandine Cherie, Amandine Sintomer, Ilona, Zasha

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